Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before starting treatment, I was having severe pain in both legs, massive daily headaches, and neck and back pain. Those problems lasted about a month and they prevented me from driving, I couldn't let my 4-year-old son sit on my lap, and I couldn't even tie my shoes. I had gone to my medical doctor, but they couldn't help me and they gave me nothing for the pain.

After starting treatment with Dr. Chris, it was amazing! Within the first months, all of my symptoms were gone. I felt better, slept better, my appetite was good, as well as my digestion. I could actually bend and touch my toes for the first time in years. Now, I listen to my body and take better care of myself. I am trying to improve my daily body functions to get the most from them. My children have all been seen too. My 10-year-old son hasn't used an inhaler for asthma in 5 months. I believe it's due to this treatment."

- Rachel P.

"I suffered from extreme lower back pain and inability to take the stairs after being on my feet for an hour or more. I also frequently had stress headaches. I could not keep my house clean, or shop for any length of time. My stress headaches made concentration difficult. Once I started treatment my headaches stopped right away. Sleeping became more comfortable and I can now shop and clean for hours. I am able to get a lot of housework done on Saturdays and still enjoy my evenings."

- Kathy A.

"Before I started the treatment, I couldn't stand upright and could barely even walk with a cane. These symptoms prevented me from doing anything and everything. I am now pain-free for the first time in a year. All arthritis symptoms have disappeared. I am now moving as I did twenty years ago."

- Jeanette M.

"Asha had a lot of ear infections before she started treatment, which prevented her from sleeping and hearing well. She now has a better attitude all around. She is sleeping better and her ear is draining well. This has made life easier for Asha and me. It makes things a lot better when we can both get sleep and we're not up all night with earaches."

- Barb K. of her daughter Asha

"My sciatic nerve was pinched which prevented me from sleeping, lifting and I always had general pain., During treatment, my pain slowly went away and now I'm not as grumpy!"

- Devon H.

"I had really bad stomach pains and lower-back problems. These symptoms prevented me from doing just about anything, even working. But since I started treatment, I don't have any more stomach pains and I can now work better than ever. It has affected me greatly, I am a lot happier and stress-free."

- Sergio P.

"When I first started, I had serious pain in the left side of my neck and discomfort in my right shoulder with some mild pain in the lumbar area of my back. It was miserable. I could not turn my head to the left without pain; my daily activities suffered, as did my mood and behavior. In three days, my left cervical pain was gone and the discomfort in my shoulder disappeared. My low back pain was not an issue anymore. Now, life is good! I feel better, sleep better, and my mood is totally different. I am feeling more energetic than I have in years."

- Phyllis C.

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